recent Scelerin projects:


Hot Oil Heaters for Splitter Facility

196 MMBTU/hr twin vertical cylindrical (VC) hot oil heater with common stack for a Texas Gulf Coast Splitter Facility. Heater is equipped with:

  • Air Preheater

  • Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) System

  • Balance Draft System


Convection Section Revamp

Scelerin provided two 90’ long convection section modules designed to be installed without removal of existing heater stack and support structure. Modules shipped via rail and barge to minimize construction time.


Regen Gas Heater for Gas Processing

Scelerin was selected by a major gas processing plant design firm to provide our horizontally fired, forced draft SHILOH heater package as a 14 MMBTU/hr regeneration gas heater. Scelerin’s scope of supply included a heater package with burner, combustion air blower, and combustion management system.


Refinery Crude Heater

Scelerin provided a complete 128 MMBTU/hr crude heater for a U.S. refinery. Scope of supply included:

  • Design & Engineering

  • Fabrication

  • Instrument & Electrical


Heater Coil Metallurgy Upgrade

A U.S. Gulf Coast refiner selected Scelerin to upgrade the metallurgy of the radiant and convection sections in their refinery crude heaters allowing operational flexibility to process heavy sour crudes. Scelerin’s scope of supply included mechanical design, detailed engineering, and fabrication of all radiant and convection tubes.


Midstream Gas Processing Plant Heaters

Scelerin provided two 93 MMBTU/hr natural draft vertical cylindrical (VC) hot oil heaters and one 27 MMBTU/hr natural draft VC regen gas heater in support of a plant expansion of a large gas processor operating in North Dakota. Scelerin services included engineering design and fabrication of all three heaters.