Performance Studies &

Field Service

Scelerin’s comprehensive heater inspections initially involve the collection of actual run data to evaluate current heater performance. We then compare this data to expected performance based on the heater’s design.  This approach allows us to determine the effects of changing operating parameters, determine where deficiencies exist, and identify areas where optimization can be achieved.  Multiple options can be analyzed to determine the effects and benefits if operating conditions and requirements are to be modified or if the service is to be changed.  These extensive studies and inspections are performed on any manufacturer’s equipment and are also a tool to plan maintenance activities for future turnarounds. 


Heater Study & Field Service Capabilities include:

  • Heater Efficiency Studies

  • Heater Tuning

  • NOx Reduction Studies

  • Mechanical Inspections

  • Convection Tube Fouling

  • APH Fouling

  • Specification Confirmation

  • Startup & Commissioning