Scelerin Projects

  • 196.3 MMBtu/hr Twin VC Hot Oil Heater
  • Equipped with:
    • SCR
    • APH
    • Balanced Draft System
    • Burner Management System
  • Field Erection Included
  • Duplicate System Currently Being Erected

Scelerin Project

Complete 128 MM Btu/Hr Crude Heater project, including controls, other I&E, foundation installation and erection.

Process Furnace Convection Replacement

  • Two (2) Convections (~90 feet long each) Module shipment made possible by close proximity to rail system and port facility.
  • Designed to be installed without the removal of existing heater stack and support structure.
  • Turnaround duration minimized and cost reduced due to no process coil field weld design.
  • Optimized Approach by Heater Services, Manufacturing and Field Services.